How much will this cost?
One of the first questions I am usually asked as a custom cabinet maker is “how much will it cost?” The answer is “it depends”.
It depends on many factors such as dimensions of the cabinets to be built, species of wood, door and drawer style, wood finish, moldings, cabinet hardware, installation site, and the list goes on.
To accurately price a job I need to talk with you, measure the site, create a design, and add up material costs and labor hours.  Having said that, a per foot price can be applied to provide a very general idea of the project cost.
Most cabinetry and furniture jobs will fall in the range of $500 to $1250 per linear foot. The low end of the spectrum would be for simple cabinetry without too many bells and whistles. The higher end of the spectrum would include the use of exotic materials, moldings, finishes, hardware etc. Somewhere in between is where 90% of my work falls.
This would include entertainment centers, kitchens, bathroom vanities, wardrobes, libraries, etc.
If you have any questions about pricing or if you would like your custom project bid don't hesitate to call. I do not charge to design and price projects.