Working At A Passion

Devin building Oil Racks


Devin has been woodworking all of his life. He started when he was young, building with his dad in his basement shop. He always wanted to do woodworking full time but didn't know if it would be able to provide for his family. Consequently, Devin bounced around in different job industries which gave him a lot of knowledge and understanding of tools and how things work. 

After many years of not loving what he did every day, he decided to give woodworking as a career a chance. He loves that he gets to make beautiful, handmade, custom furniture for people to enjoy every day in their spaces. He loves working with the wood and metal to create something unlike anything else. He loves to design, and loves to build. He also loves that he can have a shop at home and be with his family.

Devin, Crystal, Libby, Braxton, and Kyle Clark
Family Owned and Operated
Braxby's Woodwork has been owned and operated by Devin Clark, since 2015. Together with his wife, Crystal, they are able to make beautiful furniture and keep the store up and running. By having us build your project, you are a supporting an American family and making it possible for us to do what we love while enjoying our family. 

Devin and Crystal have been married since 2006 and have 3 beautiful kids; Libby, Braxton, and Kyle.
Braxby's Woodwork was named after Braxton and Libby. Then, to our surprise, we had baby number three!
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